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HONG KONG – Today marks a new milestone in Asia Digital MOJO’s journey from a boutique design agency to a leading digital communications one, as we proudly unveil a brand new look for our website. Now with more MOJO magic, our website sports a friendlier UX design and comes packed with new features.

Improving upon our past design, visitors to our website can now expect to see more informative content covering the latest news on the creative industry. We’re also highlighting our passion and commitment to education by publishing original monthly content such as infographics covering a variety of topics, as well as webinars discussing global trends, new design strategies and more.

Our site is also launching simultaneously in three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese. Since its humble start in 2009, Asia Digital MOJO has seen itself grow rapidly to become a prevalent player in multiple markets worldwide, with established offices and teams in Mexico, China, India, Korea and more.

We are also running a unique campaign to celebrate. Simply take a screenshot of our site and post it up on our Facebook or Twitter pages with #NewLookForMOJO @AsiaDigitalMOJO in the message. If you live nearby, we’ll invite you to join us for lunch at one of our offices around the world and spend time with our company.

To visit our new website, please simply check out the following link:

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