Global Digital Mojo (formally Asia Digital Mojo) was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong.   We are an international digital transformation agency with headquarters in Hong Kong and studios around the world.  We focus on digital transformation by design in the crossover between business and brand strategy, experience design, marketing communications and education.  We offer an end-end service working with international clients development  digital transformation strategies, disruptive O2O product and services,  O2O marketing campaigns, and corporate training and education.  From disruptive business strategies to captivating interactive media to cutting edge education content, our creations mesmerise audiences and drive brand engagement.

Meet the Management Team

Our international management team is a passionate group of digital natives in media design, product design, storytelling, strategy, content creation, social media, transformation strategy, education and more. We take a research-based approach, using first-hand insights and consumer and industry experience to develop transformative Business-to-Consumer and Business- to-Business innovation. The team is lead by Dr David M L Williams PhD.