On 12th November, we, Global Digital MOJO is being invited to be one of the key speaker in the Catalonia’s press conference, introducing the launch of a localized Japanese website for the world’s first VR tourism game – Legends of Catalonia.

In late 2018, in order to promote tourism for Catalonia, the officials decided to launch the world’s first VR tourism game on PlayStation 4 and the Stream for free. And in mid-2019, to further raise the game awareness in Japan, where the number of tourists to Catalonia is ranked as the top 1 market against all Asia Pacific regions last year, the officials decided to pull out all the stops to localize the game in Japan and a tailored-made Japanese website for the game is thereby launched.

According to data gathered by a government institution in Spain, in 2018 almost 300,000 Japanese visited Catalonia. The VR game, which allows players to have a realistic travel experience to Catalonia, with fascinating scenery and activities being embedded, is expected to be the catalyst for a further boom in Catalonia’s tourism.

From idea to execution, Global Digital MOJO Osaka team went through a series of investigations in Japan’s game industry. With a clear understanding of our targeted audience, a localized Japanese website is being designed, together with Japanese-game-style tagline and copies. If you also want to launch a professional webpage for your company/ projects, CONNECT WITH US now!


11月12日、Global Digital MOJO株式会社は、世界初のVR観光ゲームであるLegends of Cataloniaの日本向けローカライズ版発表の記者会見「カタルーニャ バルセロナの先へ」にて、講演者として日本市場向けのウェブサイトの立ち上げを紹介しました。


企画を実行するにあたって、Global Digital MOJO株式会社大阪チームは日本のゲーム業界で一連の調査を行いました。ターゲットオーディエンスを正確に把握した後、チームはキャッチフレーズからウェブデザインまで日本市場向けにカスタマイズしました。

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