Our EdMojo team is conducting a masterclass workshop at the world famous National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. NID, the brainchild of world-renowned American designers Charles and Ray Eames, is the oldest and most prestigious design school in India. Our workshop is one of the International Open Electives selected by NID faculty from a range of world class submissions. The chosen electives address the unique challange of developing the Indian Railways network. The objective of this EdMojo workshop is to guide students to create new products and services that enhance the experience of tourists on the India Railways network. Over 2 weeks students will map service experiences for the end user in the travel segment, conduct field work, explore the opportunities to create new product- service- systems and present their concepts through prototypes and communications material. The best ideas will be selected and presented to the Railways Minister. The workshop is led by Dr David Williams from Mojo’s Hong Kong office with documentary filming by Danish Dhiman from Mojo’s Pune Office.