About Mojo

MOJO Services

Online-Offline (O2O) Experience Design

Concept and creation of digital-physical products, services, and retail experiences.

O2O Product and Service Design

We concept and design user experiences and apps on mobile, web and tablet;  from e-commerce to social media avatars

O2O Retail and PopUp Experience Design

We plan, concept, manage and track your O2O retail space - from interactive installations, to online through e-commerce sites and social media engagement.

O2O Brand Identity Design

We create interactive brand identities and brand management tools to empower your organisation and all your brand partners

Online-Offline (O2O) Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital strategy includes business transformation consulting, product and service roadmaps, brand and marketing strategy, and market entry planning.

Digital Product and Service Innovation

We plan digital new brands, products and services, from consumer insights, to working physical and digital prototypes that can be used in sales, media or consumer testing.  We place a special focus on new technolgies such as AI and Machine learning, as well as front-end technologies such as VR and AR.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We guide your organisation through the 5 steps of digital transformation and offer unique corporate training to senior executives in digital leadership, integrated design thinking and innovation.

Consumer Insights

Using a deep understanding of neuropsychology, digital habits, and social behaviour, we plan, conduct and analyse in-depth consumer research on and offline; leading to new insights and foresight for future products, services and brands.


@Connect is our global platform that brings together companies across international boundaries.  Why?  To create new businesses or accelerate growth in new markets.  Using our proprietary @connect process and tools we produce international incubators and accelerators for government, universities and private equity partners.  Our target?  Technology and internet start-ups and established SMEs looking to transform new markets and attract strategic investment.    Join @connect.

Online-Offline (O2O) Marketing and Media

Concept, Creation and Execution of unique O2O marketing and interactive media; from social networks to experiential events - our work will mesmerise your audience creating strong brand memories that affecting purchase decisions.

Interactive and Digital Advertising Design

We create compelling interactive and new media content using the latest technology platforms such as AR, VR,  projections mapping, EEG and brain interfaces.

O2O Experiential Events

We plan, design and execute unique O2O events and exhibitions to put your brand front-and-center, engage your audience and drive media engagement.  Our events incorporate new media content and connections to online such as live-stream, AR and QR-code content activation.

Online PR and Social Media Marketing

We plan, curate, manage and measure your social media presence across all key platforms and languages

Online-Offline (O2O) Education at "The Academy"

Online-Offline (O2O) Education at the "Academy" : The Academy, our education brand, is focused on 21st century, creativity and digital leadership skills. We create online and offline education for world renowned design and business schools around the world; or for companies and individuals.

21st Century Learning Content

We curate course materials for your institution or offer corporate learning and development in Creative Thinking, Media Psychology, Innovation, O2O Marketing Management, Integrated Design Thinking, and Digital Leadership.

O2O 21st Century Learning

We instruct courses (and train instructors) on innovation, creativity and design thinking - from preschool to Masters level.  Languages include English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Keynote Speeches and Crossover Dialogues

Our senior team members are available for high-level keynotes and panel discussions around the world.  In addition we curate our own O2O events under the "Crossover Dialogues" Brand.