Jlo, our retail expert, had a fabulous in-store retail experience in Shanghai recently. The simplicity of the Marks & Spencer’s store caught his attention, and he had a lot of good things to say about it. Check it out- “I’ve had the best retail in-store experiences back in Shanghai. I visited few flagship stores of different brands and they were awe inspiring both in retail store design and experience. But the top of mind is the huge Marks & Spencer 4-story flagship store in Nanjing Road. The experience was very human-centered for it caters the needs and inclinations within our shopping routine. With its size, the store should give you a good hour of shopping and it’s very natural for one to get tired and famished after a long journey. To cater these needs, Marks & Spencer have strategically placed a Cafe at the top floor, which offers wide selection of food and beverage to satiate your hunger and the view of the beautiful Nanjing road adds up to the experience. It’s the simplicity of the experience that inspires me the most. A store experience comes top of mind when it simply gets you hooked both emotionally and physiologically.”