Your future vehicle will very likely have advanced artificial intelligence (A.I) baked in. This newly acquired intelligence, acting like a brain and central nervous system, will enable vehicles to self-drive, self-park and potentially even self-heal. Occupants will be able to communicate via voice command or gesture. Jaguar Land Rover is in the process of developing what they call “a truly intelligent self-learning vehicle”. Using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, their proposed “self-learning car” will offer a comprehensive array of services to the driver. By being able to recognise who is in the car it will be able to learn their preferences and driving style. Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Smart Assistant’ will apparently be able to take a peek at your calendar and set the in-car navigation to find the quickest route based on your schedule. It will also learn, for example, that you like your car hot when you head to the gym in winter but cool when you return to the vehicle, post-workout.
Another pioneering organisation that is set to revolutionise car design is, of course, Google which has so far tested their driverless creations on more than a million miles of tarmac. When you see one of Google’s driverless bug-eyed bubble cars whizz down your street, you’ll know the future has finally arrived in your neighbourhood!
The world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota announced that it’s establishing a new company, the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), to develop AI technologies in two main areas: autonomous cars and robot helpers for around the home.